The Epson Eco Tank 2550 is a state of the art printer, and it comes with sizable ink tanks. This printer features built-in Wi-Fi and is accessible from tablets or smartphones. It also has an LCD and a built-in memory card slot.

Epson Et 2550 Offline
  1. It’s required to open up the Epson official page and then select support.
  2. Click on Support and then click on ‘Printers’ which opens up a Product Name selection.
  3. Under that, type the Product name or the model number as Epson ET 2550.
  4. Under the Downloads option, it shows the operating system and shows a list of OS, including the Mac.
  5. It auto-detects the type of OS, which also includes the 32 bit or 64 bit that we are currently using, and also shows a list of other operating systems.
  6. Click on drivers in the options given below; one is the printer driver, and the other is the scanner driver.
  1. Since we are installing the printer driver, click on that option.
  2. This opens up a new window displaying the version, the file name, and the file size. Clicking on ‘accept’ will download the driver, which will either be zip or an exe file.
  3. After extracting and saving the downloaded driver file in a drive, when you double-click the setup file, it will show a window asking to confirm or cancel the installation.
  4. Clicking ACCEPT will show the terms and agreement window, and once we agree to the terms, the setup is complete.
  5. Later on, the printer can be connected to the laptop or the system either through a cable or a wireless connection method.
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